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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Horoscopes (Part 1)

Do you check your horoscope every time you open a newspaper or magazine? If so,you are not alone! Millions of people across the world read their daily astrological forecast to find out what their future holds.Is good fortune just around the corner? Or is bad luck laying in wait with a nasty surprise?

'Horoscope' is the Greek name given to the chart that shows the position of the planets and stars at a specific point in time..Interpretation
of the chart is done by an 'astrologer' or an 'astrologist'.And the study of the positions of the movements of the stars and planets and how they influence people and events is called 'astrology'.Astrology is based on the premise that the astrological chart can be used to foretell   certain future events.

For many people,reading a horoscope is just a bit of fun.But quite a number of people take their horoscope very seriously indeed.Many people look to their as a key step in the process of making any important decision.And some people plan every aspect of their life around what their horoscope says. 


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