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Monday, January 31, 2011

Horoscopes (part 2)

Astrology dates back over many centuries in places like India and China.Astrology spread from from Babylon to Greece about 2,500 years ago.From Greece,astrology made its way into the Roma Empire.From the 7th to the 13th century CE.Arab Scholars studied the movement of the planets and the stars,and how these movements impacted human lives and events.This thinking spread into Europe and,by the 14th and 15th centuries many European rulers relied on a court astrologer to advise them on important decisions.The Mayans and the Aztecs of Central America also developed their own form of astrology using sophisticated forms of mathematics.

Despite this long history,most scientists are sceptical about astrology.They are quick to point out that there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that the movements of the stars and planets directly influence individuals or their destiny.Experts in astrophysics,geology,astronomy,chemistry,biology and environmental science have all delved deeply into the mysteries of nature.Today,our level of knowledge is such that some of the most profound workings of the universe are now well understood.It seems that ht more we learn about the universe,the less credence we can give to astrology.

And yet,for some reason,astrology just won't go away! As more research is carried out on the Earth's atmospheric pressure,sun spot activity,gravitational fluctuations and planetary movements, science is beginning to show that forces emanating from the stars can subtly influence such aspects of our lives as hormone levels, mood and well being.In other words,maybe there is more to astrology than the sceptics like to think.

At no time in human history has it been easier to check your horoscope than now.Today,we can read about how our stars are going to influence us in the daily papers,on the Internet,or via phone lines that connect us to astrologers who can give us our very own personal reading.So,whether or not you read your horoscope,you can be sure that astrology is here to stay.And what matter your star sign is-Libra or Virgo,Taurus or Capricorn,Gemini,Leo or whatever-you will have days when your horoscope will seem so surprisingly accurate that it will send a shudder down your spine.These are the days that you remember.And this maybe why so many of us still like yo check out our horoscope from time to time!


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