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Friday, January 14, 2011

Increasing Your Fuel Efficiency (part 1)

  1. Observe the speed limit-over 50% of the energy required  to move a vehicle down the road is spent overcoming aerodynamic (pushing air out of the way).The faster you drive,the harder your engine has to work to push through the wind.Consequently,the fuel economy decreases rapidly at speeds above  60 mph.
  2. Anticipate Traffic Situation-anticipating traffic conditions ahead and not tailgating can improve gas mileage by 5% to 10%.This driving strategy is not only safer,but also reduces wear on tyres and brakes.When driving in the city,nearly 50% of the energy needed to lower a vehicle  is for acceleration.Unnecessary braking wastes that energy.Avoid driving during rush hour .Leaving your home for work half an hour earlier,and leaving your workplace only after he traffic jam has subsided can help you make huge fuel savings.
  3. Tyre Maintenance-be sure the tyres are properly inflated.Car manufactures are required to place a label in the car stating the correct tyre pressure.This label may be found on the edge of the door or door jamb,in the gloves boxes,or on the inside of the gas cap cover.If the label psi range,use the higher number in order to maximise fuel efficiency.Under-inflated tyres can cause fuel consumption to increase by as much as 6%,tyres to to wear quicker  and make it difficult to control the vehicle.Be sure wheels are aligned and brakes are properly adjusted to minimise rolling resistance.

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