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Friday, January 14, 2011

Increasing Your Fuel Efficiency (part 2)

 4. Packing for Vacations-a loaded roof rack can decreases fuel economy by as much as 5%.Therefore,to reduce the aerodynamic drag and improve fuel economy,place item inside the trunk whenever possible.

 5. Avoid Unnecessary Idling-no matter how efficient the car is,unnecessary idling wastes fuel,costs money and pollutes the air.If waiting for more than a couple of minutes,turn off the engine.Also,do not leave the car idling while running into a store for a 'quick' errand,as it is also an open invitation for auto theft.

 6. Overdrive Gears and Cruise Control-When using overdrive gears,it's still possible to drive at highway speeds,but the engine speed decreases.Overdrive gears reduce both fuel consumption and engine wear.Also,using cruise control on highway trips helps maintain a constant,steady, speed rather than a  variable speed and as a result,helps reduce fuel consumption.

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