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Friday, February 18, 2011


  • Tamarind >the fruit of this multi-purpose tropical tree is commonly used as a spice.While still young, the fruit's hard green pulp is often eaten as a part of a savoury dish. When ripe, the tamarind fruit makes a deliciously sweet and nutritiously snack or is used in cooking. The Tamarind is widely grown in places such as Mexico, India and parts of Malaysia.
  • Amaranth >this food crop is well-established in parts of Africa where it is used in traditional cooking. However, amaranth is also a highly adaptable plant. As a grain crop, the plant contains up to 30% more protein than other cereals. Amaranth also contains vital vitamins and nutrients such as Vitamin A and C. In parts of Asia, Amaranth leaves are often made into a delicious soup.
  • Cowpeas and Pigeon Peas >Cowpeas are an excellent source of protein, These pulses (edible seeds) grow well even in very dry condition and are directly related to the more commercially successful black-eyed peas. Similarly, pigeon peas are small beans that can be eaten as a fresh vegetables or as dried foodstuff. In India, pigeon peas are already eaten as an alternative to the more popular chick peas. Like cowpeas, pigeon peas can be grown in very arid conditions.
  • Barbados Cherries >this fruit is bright red and contains up to three hard seeds. The shrub grows up to three metres and is covered by dense thorns. The fruit has a unique sweet-and-sour flavour and is very rich in vitamin C.
  • Breadfruit >is a starch-rich fruit that grows on trees in the South Pacific. The fruit is remarkably versatile and can be roasted, baked, fried or boiled. As its name implies, the fruit tastes similar to fresh baked bread when cooked.
  • Bambara Groundnut >this pulse from West Africa is a traditional food source and ripens in underground pods. It is rich in protein. Once dried, it can be eaten fresh or boiled.


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