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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Get Organised

Here are a few suggestions to help you grapple with all those outstanding tasks and become a more organised and competent person !

-gather together all the outstanding jobs and tasks you need to deal with. make a list of all the unfinished projects, outstanding decisions, and unanswered correspondence you need to process. gather up all those things that make you worry and write them down in one comprehensive and complete list.

-start to proceed the list. decide whether you need to make an instant decision or whether you need more time for further thinking. try to identify what immediate action you can take. in many cases, this may be as easy as delegating a task to someone else or making a phone call, or setting up a meeting.

-decide what you can discard, is this rubbish that you can throw away or it is something that you need for the future? if something does not need immediate action or is reference material, mark it appropriately and file it away. if necessary, make a diary note to review it at a future date.

-look through your list and use the ever-useful " two minute rule ". if a task takes less than 2 minutes, try to complete it straight away. most productivity experts agree that this basic rule is essential when sticking to a routine.

-try to divide and conquer ! work through your list and group any similar tasks. for example, do you have several telephone calls to make? identify all the calls you need to make and start working your way through each one. similarly, identify all the routine letters you need to reply to and start to work through this list methodically.

6-And do again
-take a few minutes to review your list at regular intervals. if you do this for a few minutes each week, you can update and review what needs to be done over the next seven days. this also enables you to keep track of any long-term goals that may otherwise be overshadowed by more time-pressing tasks.

Finally,file effectively
-if at all possible, file correspondence immediately. if you set up an easy, straight-forward filing system, life becomes easier right away. you can file almost anything using brightly-coloured labels and clear dividers in one designated filing cabinet. once you eliminate and do away with the depressing accumulation of a pile of untidy papers, it is amazing how organised you will feel....


  1. sabar je k..
    semua nie mesty ada hikmahnye..
    sabar je la...

  2. okayy...thanx taw..kmu mmg kwn yg baik.. :)