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Saturday, March 05, 2011


Take a look at this image.This logo represents a company that you see frequently every time that you are on the World Wide Web:Google. You are looking at the most important name on the Web.

You encounter with Google might begin even before you log on to the Internet. This comes from the useful software programs and applications developed by the company, and all given for free! They include Google Desktop, which helps the user to manage his files on the computer. You might also like to have Picasa, which can help to edit images.

A user needs a program called a "browser" when he wants to surf the Web. Although Internet Explorer and FireFox are the most popular at present, a new browser develop by Google called Chrome is gaining more users every day. It also provides email service-a component of the Internet that has become crucial for many businesses and personal use with its Google Mail or Gmail.

The entrepreneurs realised that advertisements held the biggest potential to become the most lucrative source of income. Many company were willing to pay handsomely should they attract enough users to view their offerings. These agencies would place advertisements at various websites where each click would earn a few cents for them. However, most surfers tended to ignore them, no matter how big and colourful the advertisements were.

Then Google found the answer. It also brought great wealth to the company. Around 2001, Google had gained the reputation of having the best search engine. It was estimated that more than 60% of the searches carried out by users worldwide were done at Google. Millions of people were using Google but there was no income because the service was free.

However, Google's computers kept records of all these. The data made its search engine more sophisticated and accurate. The Google search engine website ( and the advertisements displayed were simple compared to the other agencies. However, Google's unobtrusive text advertisements were more effective.
How big is Google? It is still smaller than the software giant Microsoft, the developer of Windows. However, Google earns a lot from its activities. In 2008, total sales amounted to RM78 billion. After deducting expenditure, it income was RMi5.5 billion.

With such a big amount gained every year, Google looks likely to continued being the most influential and powerful company on the Web.


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