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Monday, March 14, 2011

Surfing Talk

1. Start to Surf-to surf, you need your "stick".the stick is your surfboard.

2.Facing Tough Conditions-when the sea looks rough, say it is "gnarly" which means scary.

3.Facing Your First Wave-the "line up" is the point the waves start to break and you begin to surf. you travel along "the tube" which is a tunnel in the water that a wave makes as the lip of the wave curls over.

4.Safety First-surfers put safety first. but they "rip" when they show their best surfing ability. a "sick" surfer is one who is truly excellent.

5.Surfer Clans-cool surfers are "grommets" while those who cause trouble are "gremmies". grommets and gremmies do not mix.

Whatever you do, do not show you are a "swish" which is someone who is afraid of the waves.plunge in and give surfing your best, and you may come out as a "stylie"-someone who is a top class, elegant surfer!

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