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Friday, April 15, 2011

Dieting . . what is that? . .

It was just after Christmas and Jill, realizing that she had put on weight because of all the treats which she had eaten, decided to go on o diet. She was going to give up chocolate and pastries and all other sweet things which she loved. Instead she was going to try to live on salads although she could not really work up much enthusiasm for the idea. Going to restaurants or to dinner with friends, when she couldn't eat what she would really like to, would be the worst part of it. She knew that she would have to get out of some arrangements which she had already set up, or she was afraid that she simply would not stick to her diet. The trouble was that, if she cancelled social engagements which involved eating, she would sit at home and be inclined to eat the very sweet things which she had vowed to do without. Jill decide that the best thing to do was to keep busy and began to clear out the attic. She had stored up a great many things there that she no longer needed. This was extremely good idea because making decisions about all her old things meant that she was able to keep her mind off food for long periods of time. At the end of a few weeks she was delighted to discover that she had lost quite a bit of weight.


Give up-to stop using or doing (something)
Live on-to eat (something) as one's type of food
Work up-gradually to develop (something)
Get out of-to avoid (something)
Set up-to arrange (something), to fix up (something)
Stick to-to continue with (something) , not to abandon (something)
Do without-to manage or survive without having (something)
Clear out-to make something tidy by getting rid of what is not needed.
Store up-to keep (something) for possible use in the future.
Keep off-to cause (someone or something)to stay away from.     :)

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