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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ice Hotels

They are not the most luxurious or comfortable of hotels but ice hotels, carefully and artistically crafted from pure  ice and snow, are fast becoming a global craze. Since the first ice hotel opened fifteen years ago, more and more people are flocking to the coldest parts of the planet to enjoy the cool chic of sleeping and eating in temperatures that are literally freezing.

The first ice hotel was built at Jukkasjarvi in northern Sweden. But the idea quickly spread to Norway and Finland. Today, ice hotels operate right across the Arctic Circle from Scandinavia to northern Canada, Alaska and Russia. The demand for ice hotels continues to be phenomenal. The original Swedish Ice Hotel accommodates an astonishing 15,000 guests during its brief four-mouth opening every year!

The idea of an ice hotel started when a band of artists built an igloo as an ice gallery and then simply decided to stay the night. From such small beginnings the concept of the world's first and most successful ice hotel developed. Because of the materials used, ice hotels have only a limited kife span. They stand through the winter and simply melt away to nothing in the spring! But, despite the transient nature of their art, creators of ice hotels share a passion for shaping stunningly beautiful rooms and chambers from ice and snow.

Typically, an ice hotel consists of one central chamber with corridors leading out to the hotel's sleeping quarters. Guests are usually amazed by the rich decorations ans ice carvings on offer in the central chamber. Most frequently, the motifs are of scenes from the icy wastes of the frozen north: reindeer, fish fishing boats, bears and birds. Tables and chairs of ice stand among the sculptures. The craftsmanship is often extraordinarily detailed and innovative . Indeed, many artists travel from across the world to help work on the structures and sculptures of an ice hotel. As a result of all the hard work as commitment, visitors and quests marvel at the cool, pure beauty of their icy surroundings. 

Since the temperature inside an ice hotel usually stays at a refreshing five degrees centigrade, most quests agree that they need both resilience and a good sense of humour to fully enjoy their surroundings. As one hotel manager commented, "I find it hilarious watching the faces of our guests when they suddenly realise that they have paid a lot of money to sleep in a freezing cold room with no facilities close by."

Lastly, for those who are less adventurous, staying the night in an ice hotel is not compulsory. Indeed, many visitors to these unique ice structures simply enjoy a warm drink then turn tail and head south for a more conventional hotel where they know a warm night's sleep awaits them! . .      spread love for today  :)  love you all   xoxoxoxoxoxoxo . .


  1. compom sejuk nie...dh ler den nie xleh kne sejuk2 (^_^)v

  2. @ Amy ler : mmg sejuk tp sgt best . . my dream nak tgl kat hotel tu kalau bercuti :) tp mahal sgt . . sbg student, serius tak mampu :( . .

    @ SyafiqahSyaza(Sweet Syaza) : hehe . . mmg best . . :)