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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Match

People tend to think of world-famous football matches when they talk about football as one of the world's best-loved sports. But you do not need to watch professional footballers to experience the excitement of the game. Sometimes there is more drama in a local match than in any international game held in a grand stadium. I discovered this one pleasant in their normal life. Everyday,  people who loves to watch the match for their favourite football team always talk and talk about it. seems so bored to me but I realised that when someone like something i means in match, the will talk about it excitedly that makes other people want to watch that match even though the real match seems agreed with him or her.  The answer is, when we feel excited or happy or whatever same as it, we will brag about it to our family and friends. And so the dramas of football match continues everyday and so on. 

With entertainment like that, who needs to pay to watch the professionals?    Exhausted by the drama and inevitably of it all, I could take no more. Turning away, I headed tired and strangely dejected for something better than that, home sweet home as always. the best place in this earth...  :)  spread love to all family and friends   . . .   xoxoxoxoxoxoxo


  1. saya gila bola..prefer to watch football or futsal compared to netball..keke

  2. terbaik perkongsian ni. terima kasih. ;D

    Nadh suka dengan blog kamu, perkongsian kamu, Jum join contest Aku Ingin Berubah dengan Nadh nak?

    Mungkin kita leh sama-sama sampaikan message positive pada masyarakat dengan perkongsian dalam ni plak.. :D